Garden creation in Drôme Provençale, amendment and planting

MDJ paysagiste provides all types of ornamental planting

from shrubs to large trees, through flower beds or mixed hedges with plant or mineral mulch crushed in stone, slate, pozzolan. The plants flourish thanks to a planting pit made with a natural soil amendment that promotes plant growth.

To Embelleish your pool side, Dimitri Manent encourages you to plant an olive tree beautifully set off by a specific lighting. MDJ Paysagiste is also the laying of turf, the planting of a plane tree to shade a parking lot, a mixed hedge of the most beautiful effect to be protected from view and from the wind. Your landscaper has agricultural equipment around Dieulefit for planting truffle or orchards.

Your landscape gardener located in La Bégude-de-Mazenc près de Montélimar provides landscape and planting services for outdoor areas in Portes-en-Valdaine, Poët-Laval, Dieulefit, Bourdeaux, Nyons, Grignan, Taulignan, La Roche-Saint-Secret and across the whole of Drôme Provençale.