Hedge trimmer, tree trimmer

Dimitri Manent is a landscaper specialist in hedge pruning

and the complete maintenance of the garden between Montélimar, Dieulefit Nyons and all of Drôme. Your gardener based in La Bégude-de-Mazenc makes classic prunings, such as topiary pruning (in ball form), or contemporary prunings, such as very designer cloud pruning. In addition, we provide legal fire fighting for the prevention of forest fires. Using a shredder tractor, the undergrowth is perfectly cleaned.

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Whether it is to clear brush or to prune cypress trees or olive trees, please feel free to contact us for any price request. Landscaping MDJ maintains your garden in the area covering Portes-en-Valdaine, Poët-Laval, Dieulefit, Bourdeaux, Nyons, Grignan, Taulignan, La Roche-Saint-Secret and across the whole of Drôme Provençale.